Financial Freedom: Are You Free yet?

Financial Freedom: Are You Free yet?

Woke up in the morning last Saturday, I continued reading a new book “Behavior Gap” by Carl Richards. It is one of my favorite things to do during my spare time.  I’m really happy to find this interesting book. It is about the basic things that most people do when it comes to Financial Mistakes and I’m amazed how true that is!

What is Financial Freedom?

When you hear the words “Financial Freedom”, what images come to mind?  I was interviewed by one of print magazines couple weeks ago. They also asked me “Are you Financial Freedom now?”  I answered confidently “Financial Freedom is a process”.  It is more about the mindset; do we really know our financial condition, do we have Financial Planning for our Life goals, so we are not worry anymore about money. And yes, I feel the freedom, because I know how to manage my money, and also can help others.”

After learning about Financial Planning for more than a year, it’s an eye opening moment for me. I am fully aware my financial condition and learn to fix it by having Financial Plan with my Financial Advisor. I just know where my income should go for my goals, how much to give, how much to save, how much to invest, and last, how much to consume it. I know that I just don’t live today only, because there’s always tomorrow, even I don’t know till when I live, but I do believe that we just can’t do what we want today and forget about the impact tomorrow.

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