Do You Need Time Management or Self Management?

Do You Need Time Management or Self Management?

Here’s a new twist to a perhaps familiar story.  A philosopher wanted to emphasize a point to her students.  She shows them a large container.  She puts 3 large oval rocks until the tip of the rock reaches the top of the container and asks her students, “Is there still room to put something into the container?”

The students say, “NO!!”  But she proves them wrong by pouring smaller pebbles into the space in between the rocks.  Then she asks again, “Is there still space?” Students hesitantly say, “NO!” And again she proves them wrong by pouring some sand, which fills the gaps in between the pebbles.

Again she repeats the question, “Now do I still have space?”  This time the students confidently yelled, “NO WAY!!”  In one final stroke, she proves them wrong again.  She takes a bottle of wine and pours the wine inside the container.  The wine surges through the sand and fills every single space in between the grains until the container was truly filled.

As she enjoyed the looks on her students’ faces, she asked, “So what’s the moral of the story?”  One student raised her hand and said, “It’s one of those lessons on time management.  You have to plan your day with the big priorities and then go down to the smaller less important tasks.”  The teacher replied, “True but how boring!  The real lesson is: No matter how full your day is, you always have room for wine.”

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