8 Tips of Business Travel Abroad for Smart Women

8 Tips of Business Travel Abroad for Smart Women

Business travel takes you away from home and loved ones and can cause all sorts of unexpected issues. Some people may take it for granted, however  I believe that planning a trip is vital whether for business or for pleasure especially if you travel alone.  I have had many business trip abroad alone or in a group and these time-tested tips can ease your journey.

1. Sleep smart

Dark circles under your eyes aren’t good for business. Many road warriors know that you can only use a certain amount of concealer to cover bags under your eyes to mask jetlag or poor sleep nights in strange hotel rooms. So carry eye masks and earplugs. Wax earplugs are better than the little foam ones. They are often sold as a swimming accessory and work well to mute noise, snoring and annoyingly chatty airline passengers. Invest in a blow-up pillow to sleep soundly on planes. They also prevent your hair from being flattened as you sleep.

2. Stay Hydrated for Healthy Travel

While traveling, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and feeling healthy. Corporate travelers should also try not to skip meals while on the road to avoid headaches or fatigue. If your flight is delayed or has mechanical problems, you may spend hours on the runway or circling in the air while your stomach is screaming.  Airlines offer little more than the tiny, salty rations of peanuts or pretzels for short flights. Carry a nutritious and filling power bar and an apple in your bag.

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