Career Change (Part 2): Finding a Job You Love by 2013

Career Change (Part 2): Finding a Job You Love by 2013

In my previous article, I have shared my own experience of breaking out from my comfort zone.

Career change is not like job hunting.  Take courage and discover what you were simply born to do and to accelerate your career in the right direction by doing something you love.

Let’s say you’d love to make senior manager, or switch industries—or downshift to work in part time basis.  To make an effective career transition, look for creative ways to mine your current job to get what you want. The easiest place to start a journey is right where you’re standing.

You need to review the moves you’ll make to get there: what skills, experiences, and relationships does this career shift require? Draw a picture, a map, or set up a spreadsheet with clear-cut steps.  Here are the lessons learnt from my own experience.

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