Top Tips for Business Presentations (Part 2): REHEARSING

Top Tips for Business Presentations (Part 2): REHEARSING

One afternoon a few months ago I was in New York staying next to the famous Beacon Theatre. From my hotel room I could hear the British rock band The Cure conducting a sound check for the performance they were giving that night. They might have been performing since 1976 and sold over 26 million albums – but they were still rehearsing before they went out on stage.

It doesn’t matter how rich and famous they are, even the biggest bands in the world rehearse before they perform a concert. They conduct a sound check to make sure that the venue’s sound system is at the right volume and tonal frequencies, as the acoustics are different in each venue this needs to be done at each place where they perform. This is on top of the rehearsals they do to ensure that every aspect of the performance is professional.

Rock bands, Ballet, Opera, Sports events, emergency plan preparations – most everything that is important is (and should be!) rehearsed before the performance.

So too, any (and every) business presentation you make should be rehearsed.

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